Grandfathered Rowers

In the beginning many thought it couldn’t be done! Row a wooden punt in ten miles of open water, none the less the “Atlantic Ocean”. There was much speculation, questions and uncertainty. However, there was a lot of hype and anticipation.

The first punt race was held on August 13th, 2007. Twenty rowers registered for a total of ten punts; Including one mixed team and one woman’s team. These rowers were the initiatory rowers of the “Great Fogo Island Punt Race - To There and Back”.

Like all beginnings, it was new. This wasn’t done before, these individuals were breaking new ground. The wind, tides, the actual course, there weren’t any tricks of the trade to speak of. These twenty individuals were all up for the challenge and they would set the bar for the future.

All rowers crossed the finish line and the event was indeed a huge success. The rowers of the first punt race have been Grandfathered In. We honour our initial rowers for their participation and courage to take that first step. As a result, these rowers will always be given preference for registration in The Great Fogo Island Punt Race - To There and Back.

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